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So, today i decided to head out to the woodlands 10 miles away from home, the sun was shining brightly the air was fresh and cold, i could imagine myself getting a lot of nice shots of mother natures wonders. When i arrived at the parking lot i got my gear together and started walking towards the woodland path.

After walking for 5 minutes i notice something in the corner of my eyes, out on the field 100 yards away a fox was hunting for rodents, he walked with his head lowered and checked for noice and movements. I raised my camera, zoomed in on the fox and pressed the shutter. Nothing happened? I checked the camera and it was dead. Oh my GxD, i had left the camera ON the whole night *facepalm* thus the batteries were drained.

I was so angry with myself, but only for a few seconds, i started laughing and said to myself, “you can allways take a picture of it with your phone” 😉

Well, i had no other option than to head back home and charge the batteries, so to cut the story somewhat shorter i drove back to the same place and after 3 calm and nice hours in the woods i started walking towards the car without any shots taken, when i heard a familiar sound high up in a tree, it was a woodpecker hunting for insects.

That one bird made my day, he flew to a smaller tree that was illuminated by the sun and i got to take a couple pictures of it. Now, for me it´s not really that important to get a good picture everytime i head out, but after a somewhat frustrating day, this time i felt really good driving back home. Until i realized that i wont know if they were good until i had “developed” them. 🙂

Great Spotted Woodpecker.
Dendrocopos major