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Often when i am out in the woods or the countryside i can watch animals from a distance but when i try to get closer they will rarely stand to model for me!
These fallow deers turned their back on me the moment they saw me.

dovhjort dama dama

This fallow deer were grazing with its friends when i sneaked up on them, altho this was the closest i could get, they really are alert and allways looking out for danger. The encounters are allways great so even if i don´t get a good picture i still enjoy the outdoors.

dovhjort dama dama  peekaboo

My first bird of prey caught with my camera, but what kind of bird is it? It´s not easy to see from this distance with a to short lens and way to many trees blocking the way. But once again, the thrill of seeing this great bird was enough to make me smile and hoping that maybe someday….
Btw it is a white tailed eagle.

havsörn Haliaeetus albicilla