A part of me.

My name is Peter and i live in the northern part of the world, it´s a place called Sweden. Mostly known for the supergroup ABBA, tennis GOD Bjorn Borg, blondes, vikings and death metal. Uh and i guess IKEA to.

I work part time as a chef in a home for the elderly, the other part time when i´m not working i like to go to concerts, watch movies, hang out with a few friends and also use my camera to take pictures of the world around me. Photography is the biggest interest i have, it gives me the chance to be creative in my own way.

Music is also a big influence in my life but since i cant play any instrument (i guess howling in the bathroom doesn´t count as singing) it´s not really creative in the same way as the photography is.



10 thoughts on “A part of me.”

  1. You are definitely a Natural Photographer


  2. Hi Peter! nice to meet you and your blog!
    your photos look gorgeus.
    Read you soon.

  3. PS:
    I have another blog, a foodblog. Iread you are a chef so… maybe you will find it interesting!
    I’m thinking about translating my recipes in english,,, maybe I will do a day… in the meantime, should you like, you can read something with google translate!
    Here is the link (I hope this weill not send me in the spam queue!!!)
    See you soon

  4. Peter thank you for subscribing to my blog, i have done likewise for you, look forward to your posts, Harry

  5. The Black Background looks better than the grey


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