About this blog.

Hello visitor, i am a nature loving amateur photographer that mainly concentrates on wildlife/nature photography. I do enjoy taking pictures of them odd humans to but this blog will mostly be about nature and its inhabitants and environments.

I try to get out “in the wild” as much as i can and i really enjoy the tranquility of the forests around me. One reason for starting this blog is that my father in law is one of many victims of the lung disease kol.

He´s bound to a wheelchair now and can´t get out much, he and his wife used to go on camping trips alot and he misses the outdoors, looking at my pictures (and others) makes him both happy and sad at the same time, yet he don´t want me to stop coming over to look at new pictures.

I hope you enjoy some of my pictures and i wish you all good health and a rich life.


5 thoughts on “About this blog.”

  1. Hi! I’m not a photographer, sometimes I just take a photo, but I really love looking at the photos of the others. I’m italian, so please, excuse me if I should make some mistakes with the language (to tell the truth I shouldn’t, because I study foreign languages, but who knows…).
    I’ll follow you!

  2. Hello Valentina, thank you for stopping by. I´m from sweden so my english may not be the best but i choose english for the blog because it is more known than swedish 🙂
    I will be following your blog to, but since i don´t know italian (altho i want to learn it) I will use google translate to understand it better. So if you see me comment in a strange way feel free to correct me.

    • I put a special translation button after every post just for that 🙂
      Thank you for following me! Be sure I’ll notice you if there’s something strange in your comments but… please, do the same here with me! 😆

  3. You’ve got really amazing photos here! Great job! Nature is so beautiful.

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